“Our family became named plaintiffs in Gomez v. Trump. Thanks to the struggle of lawyers for our rights..”

My name is Viktoriia Grozeva. My case number 2020EU000109XX.

A little about my family – my husband is 52 years old. He is an engineer and businessman. I am 46 years old, I have a higher education, I am an interior designer. we have two kids . My husband has a 21 year old daughter from his first marriage, and I have a son from my first marriage – he is 14 years old, he is a schoolboy. My husband and I have been married for five years.

On February 4 ,2020 my family and I were successfully interviewed for DV Visa at the consulate in Moscow. My husband – Oleg Kamenev, my daughter – Veronika Kameneva and my son Roman Grozev – have received DV2020 immigration visas.

My immigration DV visa was approved by the consular officer, but in order to put it in my passport, I had to wait for the results of a medical examination.
My medical documents were ready on April 7, 2020. At this time, the consulate stopped working due to the COVID-19.

my interview and medical records were ready two weeks before President Trump’s proclamation took effect. however, the consulate refused to put an immigration visa on my passport.
In April 2020, my husband left for the USA. We waited for the end of the Proclamation in June, we hoped that the consulate would reopen and I would receive a visa. My husband rented an apartment in Florida for our family. I took the documents of my 14 year old son from school in Moscow. We have stopped all our business and projects pending the move.

But in June, Trump extended the proclamation until the end of 2020 and all our plans collapsed.
Our family became named plaintiffs in Gomez v. Trump. Thanks to the struggle of lawyers for our rights, I got the opportunity to be interviewed for the second time at the US consulate in Moscow in September 2020. But the results of my medical examination at that time had already expired, and the IOM in Moscow sent me for a new additional examination for 2 months.

By the time my Medical Papers were ready, the consulate had stopped issuing DV 2020 immigrant visas as the fiscal year ended. Thus, I ended up without a visa for the second time.
As a result of the proclamation, our family was torn apart, we suffered financial losses and enormous moral damage. Due to constant stress and uncertainty, my health and the health of my husband has significantly deteriorated since spring 2020. I started having problems with the thyroid gland and malfunctioning of the heart due to nerves. My husband’s sleep was upset and he started hypertension and heart pains.

The proclamation that is causing us such problems aims to protect the labor market and jobs for Americans. But the absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that during an interview at the US consulate, the main applicant (my husband) has documented his worth and ability to support our family in the United States.

this means that I personally do not pose any threat or competition to American citizens.
But this fact did not seem to worry either the drafters of the proclamation or the consular officials, just as it did not care about the fact that our family was broken and torn apart.
The consular officers told me that they see no problem in this situation – since my husband can apply for family reunification. But reuniting with LPR takes three to five years of waiting in line! And this means – from three to five years of life on different sides of the ocean, and we are no longer so young with my husband, we want to live now, we do not want to part, we have the right to be happy now. We did our best for this and proved our right to receive a US green card. So why are we forced to experience such suffering? Help our family restore justice!

Viktoriia Grozeva – from Russia