“My wife is master graduate, was a teacher in high school. With two child aged 7 years and 4 years..”

My name is lumadi prasad adhikari and am from nepal.we are low class four member family. I am bachelor graduate doing cow firm. My wife is master graduate , was a teacher in high school. With two child aged 7 years and 4 years..

there were not any plans to leave to any country until selected on diversity visa lottery. After that, we went through diffrent stages , dreaming american life. Mean a while we got invitation letter for visa interview.we were happy, i can’t explain how much was that.

suddenly ban on immigration visa was imposed by president trump by presidental proclamation . Tess feltlike a fullstop in the dream of american life fading together. The interview was somehow obtained with the help of lawyers, but it was impossible to enter the united states even with the visa until the presidental proclamation expired.

the presidential proclamation was due to expire on 31 december , and the plans were made to enter the united states in january. Learned to drive and did various shopping for the US. My misses quit her job, we stopped children from going school , and i closed the business i was doing.

Our dreams not only shattered by the recent suddent increase in immigration ban untill march 31 , but the dark shadow before our eyes is how to start life again. Bcoz our visas is going to expire before presidential proclamation expires. and our visa is non reissuable according to US embassy.

Lumadi Prasad Adhikari – from Nepal