“From the first day we all deserve to be heard!”

I am Liana from Georgia Tbilisi. In the past years I have been in the USA twice with different types of visas and left my dream country without violating deadlines in compliance with U.S. immigration law, I strongly believe I did the right thing. At the moment I am a DV2020 Winner (with my spouse) and Immigration Visa holder, I fight for this visa and deserve the immigration law to be fair to me!

A year ago I quit my job but my interview was canceled twice(29Apil, 18 June)
and during the pandemic, in demand of more medics I’m an unemployed doctor. All this time we are waiting for the proclamation to be canceled, we hope so, but time is running out…

From the first day we all deserve to be heard!

Mister president stop PP10014, please!

Dr. Liana Baindurashvili – from Georgia