“When I learned that we won the lottery my perspective of life has changed..”

I am from the third world country.

When I learned that we won the lottery my perspective of life has changed, I have started to make plans for the future. And I wish that I will achieve my dreams, I am from a war country (Afghanistan) as you know the situation of the country, I wish that i will continue my life a democratic country, my baby will grow up there, It is my dream. My wife is the principal of applicant, she got her visa on 9th march 2020 and I have got my visa on 30th September 2020 I am waiting to enter the US if I can’t up to 25.march.2021 my visa will expire. When I have got my visa I resigned my job and I sold my car. My wife with my new born baby are in America now, our child born 1.1.2021 there, she is alone with new born baby there, they need to me as you know it is so difficult living alone with a new born baby for a woman. The Trump’s immigration intry ban spread the families. Now I am living in Turkey with my issued diversity visa waiting to inter the usa my wife with my baby are living in America. I hope that the Biden administration or judges reverse the Trump’s immigration intry ban pp10014 soon thousands of people with issued visas can inter the USA and a lot of that join their families. 

Hedayatullah Sohail  from Afghanistan.