“We were left unemployed with my wife and entered into a psychological confusion…”

Hello. My name is Ali from Turkey. I’m a DV2020 green card winner. I made a visa interview at the US Consulate in Ankara on December 6, 2020. We came home saying we approve your visa and they sent me an e-mail 4 days later and told me that I was left to process. I asked for the 5535 form. I immediately filled out the forms and sent the results of the administrative process for months. I waited, but unfortunately they did not finalize the administrative process. I did not know why I was left with the administrative process and they did not mention it. While waiting for the finalization of the administrative process in April, March, stuck to Trump’s pp10014 ban, we could not finish my administrative procedure. For the second time, I issued the health report. Every time we went to get a visa, my cost of 4 thousand dollars was going away. I sold my house, sold my car and left. We were left in the middle with my wife and 2 children. All of us psychologically deteriorated. I waited for the administrative process at 10 horses. They pressed our visa on 30 September 2021. When we said we will go right, Trump extended the pp10014 ban on 31 December. We were left unemployed with my wife and entered into a psychological confusion. Dear President Joe Biden, I demand that this ban be lifted as soon as possible. Thank you.