“We prepared for our new life. American dream. We sold our house and car. We quit our jobs…”

Hello, I am one of the winner of DV2020. After I learnt that I won the lottery, I remember that my husband and I were cry. It made us so happy. After a couple of months, My employer learned that I won the diversity lotter. Because I thought of moving to another country, he used to mobbing me to quit my job. I am a software business analyst and I loved what I did. I couldn’t hadle with the pressure any longer and I was quit my job. My interview was in the 6th April. Due to the pandemic, our appointment was canceled a week before the interview date. Presidential proclamation 10014 and 10052 were issued. Our visa type has been banned. Consulates stopped issuing visas on the pretext of this ban. I did not lose hope. All the dv2020 winners started a campaign to find a help. Our lawyers Charles Kuck and Curtis Morrisson heard our voice and their arms crossed. The result of the Gomez, we got our visas. Diversity lottery winner must enter within the period given with the immigrant visa obtained with a lottery. If you cannot enter the country within 6 months, you will lose your visa. The ban was blocked from entering the country and the end date of the ban was Jan 1st. 3 months after we got our visas. During this time, we prepared for our new life. American dream. We sold our house and car. We quit our jobs. We waited for the news and prayed with 4 suitcases that is prepared for travel on the Christmas. The ban has been extended. We are staying with our parents now. Due to uncertainty, we cannot apply for new jobs. We cannot establish a new house layout. For this reason, we spend the money that we have saved for our new life. We are waiting with hope.

Ozlem Cebeci – from Turkey