“We are not among of those immigrants, as we have enough investment capital to boost local economy…”

My name is Talgat. In 2016 during our honeymoon trip to the US, our daughter Samira was born on the soil of California. From that moment, we realized that my wife and I are destined to build a brighter future for our daughter. Year 2018 was turning point for us, my wife and I have decided to participate in DV Lottery 2020 and for our passionate believe, we won. Ever since after we were extremely excited and felt lucky to move to our dream country, to the United States of America. Unlike winning the lottery, we faced extremely tough immigration process let alone the process itself; it combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, hence immigration proclamation, which was due until the 31st of December 2020.

Knowing that proclamation was due until the 31st of December 2020, we have decided to wait no longer and took a first flight to Los Angeles, to begin our new life in the US from the 1st January 2021. Despite that, after our 7 hours flight en route from Istanbul, local Turkish border control informed us, that the proclamation was extended until the 31st of March 2021 and refused us crossing the border. Immediately after, we have checked official sources (official website of the White House, US department of Homeland Security and the local US Embassies) to confirm that refusal, but we were unable locate any official information except the news on Reuters, according to Hesson, T. (2020, December 31), “Trump extends immigration bans despite opposition from U.S. business groups”. Given above situation Turkish Customs Control made a call to the US Customs and Border Protection to identify further steps in deciding our further flight. On that call, US Customs and Border Protection requested us to provide our daughter’s American passport to check for its authenticity. Eventually, in provision of all the required documents, we have been cleared from any uncertainties and the US Customs and Border Protection had no doubt in originality of our documents and hence allowing us to cross the border. On the final note, Turkish border control requested from us to provide an official letter allowing us to cross the border. They have suggested us to receive that letter from the US Customs and Border Protection.

In further solving our immigration process, we are currently in Istanbul and would not like to return to Kazakhstan.

Trump’s main proclamation policy focused on concerns to economic challenges of the US, caused by immigrants. However, we are not among of those immigrants, as we have enough investment capital to boost local economy. We are planning to incorporate our own company in moving business with sufficient assets and hire as many as 10 local employees.

In conclusion, based on above described situation, we understand that we are the victims of unforeseen situation therefore, we humbly seek for your help and support to complete our immigration issue. Finally yet importantly, all of our attempts have been driven by legal approaches and we see no more competent person than you in helping us – in helping future American Citizens.