“My boss used to mobbing me to quit my job. Because my friend said to him that…”

Hello, I am Esra. I am winner DV2020. When I was learn to win lottery my husband and I was so happy.After that I said to my some co-worker  I won lottery. My friends said to my boss “Esra will go to the USA. Esra will not  be here. Bla bla bla.” And than he used to mobbing me to quit my job. Because I thought of moving to another country. My boss fired me. By the way I am accountant.
Presidential proclamation 10014 and 10052 were issued. Our visa type has been banned. Consulates stopped issuing visas on the pretext of this ban. All the dv2020 winners started a campaign to find a help. Our lawyers Charles Kuck and Curtis Morrisson heard our voice and their arms crossed. The result of the Gomez, we will go to USA Consulate.My husband is Electric and Electronic Engineer. He was working. When we go to get a visa my husband said to boss but he didnt let him. My husband quit to job for realize our dream.And than we went to USA Consulate in Ankara for realize our dream. We got to visa. We was happy!
Note:Diversity lottery winner must enter within the period given with the immigrant visa obtained with a lottery. If you cannot enter the country within 6 months, you will lose your visa. We expiration date is March. if we will not enter the Usa. We will lost  visa. The ban was blocked from entering the country and the end date of the ban was Jan 1st. But ban was not stopped. The ban has been extended. We sold our house and car. We are staying with our parents now. Due to uncertainty, we cannot apply for new jobs. We cannot establish a new house layout. For this reason, we spend the money that we have saved for our new life.Now my husband is sick because of stressed. My husband doctors said to “why are you so stressed?” We are still hopefull. But we have stressed. We are waiting.